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Offering Ecotherapy Programs in Nature for Healing:

Having completed a graduate certificate program in Ecotherapy (nature-based healing) in 2013, I now offer Ecotherapy workshops for groups and communities that desire to tap into the wisdom of nature for connection and healing.  I have completed training in Reiki I and II as well as in mindfulness-based stress reduction.  As a group outings leader with the Oregon Sierra Club

I have led Ecotherapy hikes in my community.

Using tools such as mindfulness, art, poetry and journaling in nature, I help bring out the creative spirit of my clients to tap into their true calling and stand fully and confidently in their power. 

I am a certified professional coach trained in the Coaching for Transformation program which is an International Coach Federation accredited coach training program.  My passion is to connect people with their authentic selves, with each other and with nature.

In 2010 I lost my 13 year old son to leukemia which propelled me on a spiritual healing journey. Every day I spent time in nature and I felt a profound connection to all of life which gave me hope and the strength to move forward.  I hope to help others wanting to step forward in life, after feeling stuck and transition into feeling fully alive.

I feel surrounded by love and completely at peace in nature and that is where you will find me in my spare time, hiking in the Cascades, the Coast or at a National Park.

My daughter and me on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
My son Riley on our last summer vacation together in the Grand Canyon
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