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What is Life Coaching?


Life coaching can help you connect in mind, body and spirit, so you can come alive to your most authentic self.   In this space, you can live more fully, tapping into your power and your creativity.   This can lead to personal and professional transformation.


The Coaching for Transformation program in which I was trained embraces a philosophy that you are whole, resourceful and powerful.  And the coaching takes a holistic approach.  You have all that you need within you.  We partner together to help you connect with your greatness so you can move forward.


What are some reasons people hire a Life Coach?


You may be feeling stuck, like you are ready to move forward, but you are struggling to find a way.


Going through life transitions like the ones mentioned here can often make us feel this way and coaching can help:

  • Loss of a job or interested in a new career path

  • Loss of a loved one

  • Going through a divorce

  • Putting career on hold to be a stay at home mom or dad

  • Stay at home parents re-entering the work force

  • Empty nesters

  • Retiring from a job

  • Feeling lost or searching for something more meaningful

  • Non-profit or corporate burnout

  • College student uncertain about their major/career path

What might you hope to achieve with coaching?

  • Connection to yourself and renewed connection to others

  • Understanding of your values and feeling more aligned with those values

  • An ability to move forward and step into your power and creativity

  • Navigating daily demands with ease and fluidity

  • Renewed feelings of aliveness

  • Better balance between work/family life

  • Overcoming fears

  • Defined life goals and a plan to implement them

How is coaching different from therapy?


Therapy assists you in reviewing the past and coaching helps you create a new future.  The coaching process helps you find ways to own your life in a powerful way through choice.

How do I get started?

Contact me and we can schedule a free 15 minute exploratory call to learn more about coaching.


Coaching begins with a discovery session during which I learn more about you and your goals and vision for your life.  Clik here to contact me and schedule.  All coaching sessions are completely confidential. 


Coaching will be done over the phone, so we do not have to live in the same city!

Workshops:  I host coaching workshops for groups at libraries, "Reconnecting to Your Intuition" and "Creating a Vision Board", etc.  Contact me for more info.

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