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Ecotherapy Offerings Available:

​If you are interested in hosting one of the following programs or coaching in nature,

please contact me here.

Nature Connection to Release Eco-Anxiety

Many people are concerned about the impact that climate change is having on the planet.  The environmental challenges the world is facing are so vast that it can leave us feeling an underlying sense of helplessness.  This eco-anxiety can be overwhelming. 

This 1.5 hour workshop is offered in nature and is designed to help alleviate some of these burdens. Participants will use tools such as meditation and mindfulness to interact directly and deeply with nature.  They will connect with each other through supportive conversation, ceremony for the earth and exercises allowing us to really see and hear each other and release this shared anxiety to live more peacefully in an ever-changing world.

The Sound of Silence

A 1 hour group hike in silence is followed by a brief meditation to reconnect with the self.

Using Nature to
Heal from Grief

When you lose a loved one, it can be debilitating.  You can feel groundless and disoriented.


This 1.5 hour workshop offered in nature is designed to help those suffering from loss who are struggling to move forward.  Through guided meditative walks, journaling in nature and sacred ceremony of remembrance, those who are grieving can slow down to the pace of nature and connect to their loved ones who have passed on with a supportive group who have suffered similar pain.  This can create space to feel the interconnectedness of all things, past and present and provide peace.

Sunrise Hike and Meditation
Hike for 1 hour to an accessible overlook and watch the sun rise to greet the day.  Stay in this inspired and meditative space before descending in shared community.
Individual Coaching in Nature

The health benefits of spending time in nature have recently been widely researched and documented.  Greater clarity can come from walking and reflecting on ones desires and goals in the outdoors.

Individual coaching can take place outdoors through meditative walks/hikes for established clients who are interested in working in and with nature.

Must live in the Portland metro area.

Create a Nature Journal: Using Poetry, Art and Journaling for Healing

Hike and learn to breathe in nature’s gifts and use poetry, journaling and/or art to bring nature into your daily routine for health and well-being while celebrating the details of the season.  Paper and pencils will be provided.


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